Laundry cleaning FAQ

What is Lemonhead Laundry?

Lemonhead Laundry was started by a “mompreneuer” a.k.a. Mama Lemonhead.  Her busy schedule consists of managing her family full time and along with running her laundry service business.  We are a pick up and delivery laundry service where your clothes are taken into our homes and given special TLC like your mom used to do for you.  Your laundry will come back to you sparkling clean, smelling fresh and feeling fluffy soft because it is cleaned in normal washers and dryers unlike the laundromats that use harsh commercial equipment and soaps that aren’t always so “loving” on your garments.

What services laundry cleaning service do you provide?

One day turn around pick up and delivery to and from your home or work place at schedule times.  We will sort dirty clothes, make our best attempt to eliminate or minimize stains (only at your request so be aware that trying to remove stains is tricky and can leave clothes with light bleach marks), wash, dry, fold, sort again and deliver back to you.  We have a rewards program for frequent users so check it out.  There are posts with clothing and fabric maintenance, information on stain removal, and a post with lemon dish recipes (this type of post was just begging to exist on this website!).  Most important we give you your life back, your sanity back and help you stay beautifully clothed with the added bonus of smelling wonderful!  How great is that?!

Is there a minimum?

Yes there is a minimum charge for laundry cleaning of $25.00 (tax added) which is a little over 12 pounds, which is an average amount of laundry for a week for a single person.

Will my clothes be exposed to cigarette smoke in your homes?

Absolutely not.  Lemonhead Laundry moms do not smoke.  In addition we are aware people have allergies (Mama Lemonhead is one of them) and we will take measures to minimize exposure to things like cat and dog dander, use “allergy free detergents”, etc.  Please let us know about these special needs in the special needs section of the order form.

Is diaper cleaning available?

Sorry, diaper cleaning is not available at this time.

What areas do you serve?

El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, College  Area, Talmadge/Kensington, Hillcrest, University Heights, Normals Heights, Mission Hills

Call us and let us know where you live – 619-413-7072

How much does it cost?

It costs $2.25 per pound plus tax for all clothes, including towels and sheets, light jackets, lap blankets, smallish bathroom rugs.

How is the laundry weighed?

It is weighed on scales that weigh items to the ounce.  The total poundage will be rounded down to the nearest pound, thus you will be charged $2.25/per pound.

How can I sign up for your service?

Sign up right here  for Lemonhead Laundry service or call Melisa at (619) 413-7072 or email us at

 What kind of payment does Lemonhead Laundry accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Cash.  To order service you can fill out the order form with your credit card number and your card will be charged your laundry fee once your service is complete.  Cash is accepted in person upon delivering your laundry back to you.  For cash payments you will be contacted via email, text message or telephone of the charge so you will be prepared to pay your bill when we arrive the next day.

Do you supply laundry bags?

No we don’t.  However there are several places to find laundry bags/baskets.  IKEA has collapsible laundry baskets which are a great space savers, Walmart, Target, also check the dollar stores.  We suggest using a laundry bag along with the basket.  Send your dirty clothes in the laundry bag along with the clean laundry basket.  That way you will have a clean vessel for us to place your clean clothes in.

How does pick up and delivery work AND what are the hours?

We pick up and deliver between 7:30-9:30am M-F with a goal of a 24 hour turn around time.  Laundry picked up Friday will be delivered Monday between 7:30-9:30am.  This is subject to change if emergencies arise and should this occur on our end you will be notified immediately and arrangements for another pick up/delivery time will be made.  We are aware that you too may have emergencies and we would appreciate notification of a cancellation upon which we will reschedule your laundry cleaning as soon as possible so as not to get you behind on your laundry because that would suck!

What if I need to change my pick up/delivery place?

Just let us know.  We head out in the morning after we drop our kids off at school.  That means we are out of the doors early so it’s best to notify us the night before via email or phone call.  If you have a last minute emergency don’t hesitate to call us.  It may be too late to accommodate your changes that same day, but we will do our best to reschedule it to the next available delivery day.

What if I forget to set my laundry out or missed the delivery time when I said I’d be present for delivery?

We will contact you either way to discuss rescheduling.  If this should happen a second time you’ll be charged an additional $10.00 along with the regular per pound fee.

How do I get my laundry picked up/delivered?

For pick up just put your bag out on your stoop, by your front door, or we’ll meet you at a place of your choice (ie:  your work place) on your scheduled day whether you are present or not.  Same thing with delivery, we’ll leave it on your stoop, at work, etc. on your schedule delivery day whether you are present or not.  Always leave your unattended bags in a place you feel is safe.

*If you are paying cash you will need to be present for delivery for us to collect your payment, otherwise your items cannot be returned to you until we are able to collect.

How much laundry can I give you?

What ever amount you need.  If it’s too much for one bag/basket just put it in another.  We are aware that some weeks you’ll have more to clean because you include linens, towels, etc.

Do you wash my clothes with others’ laundry?

Never!  Your laundry is done separately.

What if I have special laundry needs?

Just let us know when  you fill out the order form.  There’s a box that gives you the chance to inform us of your needs.  If we have any questions we’ll call you about them.  If you have a special requests please place those items in a separate bag so we can identify them.  Also, as moms who do tons of laundry all of the time, if we feel any laundry is questionable and could be damaged we will not wash that item until we are able to identify how it needs to be cared for.  That might mean that item gets skipped for the current laundry service.

Do I have to separate my lights from darks for you?

Heck no!  We’ll do that.  Just identify any special needs clothing by putting them in a bag and fill out the section on the order form for special needs laundry so we can take care of it properly.

How does your reward program work?

Check out our rewards program here.

If I left anything else out, just ask!

Lemonhead Laundry Disclaimer

Lemonhead Laundry is not responsible for damaged clothing.  Please know that we are attentive moms and we will treat your laundry in a professional manner.  We will take great care to give you the best laundry care possible.  Having your laundry cleaned by a mom in her home means we are able to spend more time on your wash, pay more attention to details, and over all clean your clothes more gently than commercial laundromats.  In order for us to do our best job we need you to do your job and know your own clothes and fabrics.

Lemonhead Laundry service reserves the right to refuse to wash, dry, iron, etc. any item at our sole discretion (ie: using our best judgement to not damage your garment).  We cannot assume responsibility for weak or defective materials. We also cannot guarantee color loss, shrinkage or damage to weak and tender fabrics or applications. For example, glitter, patches, buckles, beads, buttons, belts, and other special embellishments are applications.  Be aware of “special” fabrics.  “Special” is defined but not limited to silk, satin, suede, leather, cashmere, fleece and/or any other delicate fabric or clothing with special items or designs on it such as crystals, embroidery etc.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to know the condition of your garments.  Know whether they are brand new and haven’t been washed yet, know if they may fade, be aware of whether buttons, etc. are loose, if clothing is in a state of deterioration already, if they are dry clean only, etc.  Read the tags and follow the directions.  Please see our terms and conditions which you agree to by using our service.



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