About Mama Lemonhead

Mama Lemonhead and her little lemons

I’ve had some fun adventures in my life; being a mom, wife, art therapist and jewelry maker.  Now I’ve added “mompreneuer” to my list.  My kids have grown a bit and are very busy with life so I figured it’s time for me to concentrate on pursuing my business dreams while still being available for my kiddos.  In troducing Lemonhead Laundry service to you!  It’s a home based, pick up and delivery laundry service that offers more than just washing clothes.  Lemonhead Laundry is about excellent service with a smile and offering you that extra special touch only a mom can give.  It’s about saving you time, money and your sanity.  You will quickly notice the improvement in your life once you have Lemonhead Laundry as your laundry cleaning service.  In addition not only will you enjoy your time more by eliminating a never ending chore, you will always be treated with respect as our customer, have a new friend in life and get to indulge in some delish lemon dishes!

Give Lemonhead Laundry services a try, you’ll love us!  First time customers receive 10% off your total.  We also offer a rewards program to frequent laundry service users.


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