Terms and conditions

By submitting the order form and/or using Lemonhead Laundry services the customer agrees to the following:

Lemonhead Laundry reserves the right to refuse to wash any item at our sole discretion.  We cannot assume responsibility for weak or defective materials. We also cannot guarantee prevention of color loss, shrinkage or damage to weak and tender fabrics.  Please be aware of the condition of your garments when you turn them over to us for laundering.  Know whether they are brand new and haven’t been washed yet and may fade, be aware of whether buttons, etc. are loose, or if clothing is in a state of deterioration already.  Be aware of unique design elements such as glitter, patches, buckles, beads, buttons, belts, crystals, suede, leather, embroidery, etc. as these can be damaged in the washer or dryer.

We are not responsible for non-washable or dry clean only items included in the bulk laundry.  We will process all items included in the bulk laundry as washable as we will assume you intended for it to be cleaned in a regular washing machine/dryer.

Lemonhead Laundry is not responsible for laundry left unattended either for pick-up or delivery.  It may seem obvious but make sure you designate a safe place for your laundry to wait if you will not be present for pick-up or drop-off, otherwise we will meet you for the hand over.

We will dispose of/donate any unclaimed clothes after two weeks if arrangements have not been made by you to obtain your clothes.

Please check your pockets before sending your laundry out.  Lemonhead Laundry is not responsible for damage to garments caused by items left in the pockets.  If we find any items in your laundry we will return what is found, but the customer is ultimately responsible for damage caused by things left in the pockets.

Any items that are hang dried, hand washed and hang dried, and items that are ironed will be folded and included in the regular wash unless you specify that you want them hung on hangers.  Also please include hangers for us to hang your items on.

While bulk laundry inventory sheets are not required, we encourage you to complete the information on the sign up page.  This assists us in understanding how to best meet your laundering needs.

Lemonhead Laundry will take the utmost care not to lose or damage your clothes and will treat them as if they are our own.

Delivery Policy:

Deliver will occur the next day after your pick up day.  Except for Fridays where delivery will be Monday.  Sometimes due to circumstances out of our control such as traffic, bad weather, the delivery of your item may be delayed. If your delivery time is affected, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Lemonhead Laundry is not responsible for the customer failing to meet the scheduled drop-off or pick-up time.  We will attempt a pick-up/delivery one more time that same week which must be confirmed by the customer.  If a second attempt fails then your account will be charged an extra $10.00 on top your laundry fee.  Should missing scheduled picks up become an issue your account will be deactivated.

Customers can change to a different pick-up/delivery location.  We require notice of change the night before your pick up.

Privacy Statement:

We respect your privacy. We will not sell or give your information to any third parties, so your information is safe with us.   All information given to us will solely be used for our laundry business.

Lemonhead Laundry reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time for any reason.


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